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You can find it at 2311 Pacific Ave. in Stockton, Ca. Don't miss it!

Same time and same place take part in a Book sighning. The Author of Japanese in Training will be present. That's at 2311 Pacific ave in Stockton. March 21st on Miracle Mile. Be there or be... you know!
This site previews the one of a kind, now released, fictional book Japanese in Training. (Author Matthew J Peak)   Email: viola519@gmail.com 
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synopsis - 

Japanese in Training is written in a unique style that moves from past to present frequently.


A 16 year old boy, Stephen, whose goal is to learn Japanese fluently in time reaches a point where he feels that he can’t learn anymore.  Deciding to fly to Japan and be immersed in the language the airplane crashes into the North Pacific Ocean. There are seven survivors, three of which can only speak Japanese and four who speak little or no Japanese. Stephen seems to know the most but is unwilling to take the lead…

Will the group overcoming communication problems both ethnic and social. They must work together in order to survive freak storms and lack of food and water in the middle of a gigantic ocean. Are they up to the challenge?


-Sneak Peak-

Chap 1  Cast Away

They hadn’t had any food or water for four days now. There lips were blistered and swollen. It was night time though they wouldn’t have known it without the darkness because it was just as hot and muggy as it was in the day time.


He didn’t want to move. It hurt too much. The bright moon could have been the sun for all he knew it was so muggy. Tired, hungry and thirsty he sprawled out on the sandy beach. There was a rhythmic sound of the tide lapping at the shore that responding to the moons invitation. This relaxed him. Maybe if he got some sleep he would feel better.


Looking up at the smog free sky he was amazed how beautiful the stars were. Never before had he seen them so clearly.

In a raspy voice he whispered, “I wonder where they came from.”

Typically he wouldn’t ask that question but considering the situation it seemed somehow appropriate.


The rest were still trying to repair the damaged device however

he didn’t worry too much about it because he already knew it was a lost cause.

For now it was time to sleep. He was a little hesitant though.


It’s going to be easy to go to sleep.’ He thought

‘However, there is no way to be positive that I’ll wake up again.’


Slowly his eyes closed. Before he slipped into unconsciousness he wondered if he could have done something differently.


‘The week started out so well.’


Japanese in Training, now at amazon.com, is a book for young adults. It is clean and has no bad language or anything offensive.

Chap 9 Lava

He too jumped over. Not as gracefully but it did the job.

Tomoyasu jumped next and quickly joined the others.

“That’s murder.” He cried

“Why don’t you go next, Sakie” offered Stephen

“No, that’s ok. I’ll go last.”

Seeing that Sakie was nervous, he said, “Don’t worry, it’s ok, everyone went over and are fine.”

“I’m not so much worried about the heat as much as those spiders.”

Stephen replied, “Like Tomoyasu said, ‘there harmless’.”

“Fine I’ll go. I just need to see how it’s done again. I promise to go after you.”

Stephen nodded and leapt over the fissure, “Alright it’s your turn.”

Sakie gave it a running start, determined that she would do it. Though, as she came closer to the crevasse she noticed a large number of spiders in her path. Seeing her phobia come closer and closer, her determination faltered and she slowed. Without the needed momentum her jump didn’t fully traverse the fissure.


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